Signed the agreement between Aliveda & Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation: It is the beginning of an ambitious path

“Mental health is made by people” and, in the context of our interconnected society, social relationships play a fundamental role in determining individual and collective psycho-physical well-being. It is precisely in the light of this awareness that a significant meeting took place between Aliveda and the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation. It is the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at promoting and supporting scientific research related to the study of effective solutions to eating disorders that afflict many people in our country. It was great to share this moment of commitment and shared values and common causes. Aliveda and the Fiocchetto Lilla Foundation have signed a collaboration contract, thus strengthening their common commitment to scientific research and to offer concrete support to people affected by these disorders. It’s just the beginning of an ambitious and challenging path

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