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Dietary supplements for the health of the auditory system, useful as support of the neuro-sensorial and vascular damages of the auditory system and the associated symptoms.


Dietary supplements based on Auricularia, Curcuma. Hericium, Reischi and Rose hip.

Auricularia and Reishi are medicinal mushrooms with vasodilating, anti-clotting and blood vessels tonic effects, thanks to the content in adenosine and beta-glucans.

Rose hip, as source of C vitamin, is essential for collagen production m which is a fundamental element for the elasticity of blood vessels

Curcumin and Berberine exert anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Hericium erinaceus is a medicinal mushroom; it is rich in erinacine, which stimulates the synthesis of the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), with strong neurotrofic and neuroprotective effects.


Auricularia (Auricularia auricula-judae (Bull.) Quél.) mushroom fruiting body powder tit. 2% in polysaccharides; Curcuma (Curcuma longa L.) rhizome extract tit. 95% in curcuminoids; Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose; Hericium (Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers.) mushroom fruiting body exctract tit. 10% in polysaccharides; Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum (Curtis) P. Karst.) mushroom fruiting body exctract tit. 10% in polysaccharides; Berberis (Berberis aristata DC.) root extract tit. 97% in berberine; Rose hip (Rosa canina L.) false fruit extract tit. 70% in C vitamin; anticaking agent: silicon dioxide.


Nutritional information per maximum daily dose (4 caps) %NRV*
Auricularia powder tit. 2%

Of which polysaccharides

800 mg

16 mg

Curcuma extract tit. 95%

Of which curcuminoids

400 mg

380 mg

Hericium extract tit. 10%

Of which polysaccharides

200 mg

20 mg

Reishi extract tit. 10%

Of which polysaccharides

200 mg

20 mg

Berberis extract tit. 97%

Of which berberine

200 mg

194 mg

Rose hip extract tit. 70%

Of which C vitamin

80 mg

56 mg



*NRV: Nutrient References Value

Directions for use
We recommend from 2 to 4 caps per day, preferably after a meal.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children under three years of age. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In case of liver or biliary dysfunction or gallstones of the biliary tract, we do not recommend the use of the product. If you are taking other drugs, it is appropriate to ask to the doctor for advice. The minimum storage term is referred to the intact product. Avoid exposure to sources of heat and sunlight.
120 capsules
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