Opening of the new manufacturing plant

The architectural project started in 2017 with the aim of increasing the manufacturing capacity of Aliveda, always following the same values and company philosophy. The new plant (1000 sqm) has to fulfill the needs and requests of old and new clients. In these days, the plant is ready to start the production.
Aliveda is now leader in the nutraceutical sector, with 25 employees, mostly young and with different backgrounds, and with an increase in the sales from 150.000 to 3.500.000 €. These results arrived just in five years, thanks to a fast growth. In 2013, at the beginning, they were just 4, but now Aliveda is expanding: on the 2nd of May, there will be opening of the new plant in the home-land, in which Aliveda strongly believe, thanks to the investments and the collaboration with the University of Pisa.
“It is a big investment, that we reach thank to sacrifices and pay us back of the good work done these last years, but I think it is a stage of the path and to the arrival” says Maico Polzella, Chief Operating Officer and founder of Aliveda “in this new plant we would continue our growing path, in constructive and innovative way, but keeping in mind our values: tradition, research, innovation, they are the three main point on which our company is build”.

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