Kick-off 2023: Growth, Leadership, and Belonging

Growth, leadership, and belonging; these three words were the guiding principles of Aliveda’s recent kick-off event. It provided a boost of motivation for our post-holiday restart.

At Aliveda, we place great importance on training as a fundamental pillar. During these two days, we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an intense experience of personal and professional development.

During the kick-off, we presented the findings of research spanning the past decade, ongoing projects, and upcoming initiatives.
We provided a concise outline of our objectives and targets.

The event featured distinguished speakers, notably Dr. Antonio Romano, a prominent gastroenterologist, whose medical insights were highly engaging.

We are proud of our Team Building and the exceptional team that contributed to the success of this meeting.

We would like to express our gratitude to the medical department led by Drs. Linda Balestrini, Giulia Della Scala, Lucia Chico and Dr. Alessio Lusci.
Sincere thanks are also due to our commercial director Alessandro Toscano, director of our Kick off, area managers Alberto Butelli and Massimo Gorga, all the informants, and the operations office staff who contributed to the excellent organisation.

Together, we established the groundwork for eventual expansion, command, and inclusivity.

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