Hospital meeting in Florence

Dr Linda Balestrini, medical director Aliveda,
and Alberto Butelli area manager, attended a Hospital Meeting at the Casa di Cura Ulivella e Glicini in Florence: A Step Towards New Medical Collaborations

Dr. Indennitate, head of the Digestive Endoscopy Service at the Casa di Cura Ulivella e Glicini, together with his staff, received our presentation with interest; during the session, we illustrated the benefits that the Colicron line can bring in the context of gastroenterology.

Hospital Meetings are never just a presentation, they are the basis for increasing our perspectives and knowledge, developing collaborations and clinical studies aimed at enriching the understanding of our products and demonstrating their validity and clinical efficacy.
The prospect of doing research with the Ulivella and Glicini Nursing Home represents an opportunity for Aliveda to further medical research and contribute to progress in the treatment of digestive diseases.

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