Aliveda launches Neomucil Kids

Aliveda launches Neomucil kids, the new dietary supplement for children’s respiratory health.

Children, in fact, represent one of the populations most at risk for respiratory tract disorders that can occur during the winter and beyond. By respiratory diseases we refer to colds, sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and the symptoms associated with these conditions. [1]

The anatomy of their young respiratory systems and the relative youth of their immune systems, their stay indoors and the recreational activities they engage in facilitate the contagion and spread of pathogens responsible for winter illnesses.

Figure 1 shows the RespiVirNet report carried out by the National Institute of Health in which the estimated infections of the general population and the different age groups are shown. This report refers to the last weeks of 2023. [2]

Figure 1. RespVirNet report of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for the last weeks of 2023

As we can see, the 0-4 and 5-14 age groups show a higher incidence than the general population, which justifies what was said earlier, that young people can be considered one of the populations most at risk for infection.

Viruses are the main agents responsible for these manifestations, causing tens of thousands of infections during the winter months. Bacteria also contribute to the manifestations of symptoms associated with winter illnesses but, in general, these are more serious conditions and may sometimes require specific investigations in order to choose the best strategies. [1]

Figure 2 shows which viruses are most frequently responsible for respiratory diseases.

Figure 2. Proportion of winter illness cases for the different viruses.

Neomucil Kids comes with a complete and synergistic formula, suitable for youngsters from 3 years of age.

Within this product we find:

N-acetylcysteine, the mucolytic par excellence, which facilitates the elimination of excess mucus produced during these conditions
Altea extract, a plant known for its ability to promote respiratory tract function and its anti-inflammatory action [3].
Plantain lanceolate extract, which has anti-inflammatory and antitussive action, and emollient and soothing properties on the oropharyngeal mucosa [4]
Zinc, a fundamental element for the functioning of the immune system and with antiviral action
All the ingredients selected for Neomucil Kids were used in dosages to maximise the benefits for the different age groups, i.e. 3 to 6 years and over 6 years.

This product was developed with Aliveda’s usual values in mind, namely to design a complete and synergistic formulation in order to maximise the effectiveness of the product, and to opt for quality raw materials while maintaining a highly competitive price on the market.

Neomucil Kids joins Neomucil, the product already on the market for the wellbeing of the respiratory tract, which Aliveda has designed for adults.

With these two products, Aliveda is able to help all age groups of the population in combating respiratory diseases and their symptoms, thanks to two complete products that are effective in achieving this goal.



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